Select quotes on Strange Land:

Strange Land are a three piece who certainly like to make a lot of noise with their cerebral progressive rock/metal ... well, I said noise? Yes, but I meant it in a good way, as the Wisconsin-based band pays a lot of attention also to melody, not only to the complexity of guitar riffs. - Igor Italiani,

Catharsis is solid metal with a melodic and progressive edge. Strange Land don't try and bludgeon the listener to death with long instrumental passages and overly lengthy songs, but instead have crafted an album with memorable tunes that contain plenty of variety, textures, and thump. - Pete Pardo, Sea Of Tranquility

With their own brand of hard rocking compositions, it’s a difficult task trying to describe their sound. I like to think of it as King’s X, Fates Warning, and Dream Theater hanging out at a King Crimson show. - Dr. Music

Fans of “heavy prog power” have come to the right place here. - Nice,

By this time, I was in thought, pondering how this festival had exceeded my expectations tenfold. This band in particular increased the enumeration. - USA Progressive Music

Strange Land is a band that moves in all directions, never letting the listener get too comfortable - Asher, Hard and Heavy Online

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