Winston: Trios are fun! Sure also in that other thing but there are other websites for that, naughty you! Of course I’m talking about musical trios here, somehow they often have something extra; Rush, ELP, Venom, ZZ Top, just a few names. Strange Land is also a trio and they are active in the progressive rock field in a nice way I might add. Founded in 1998 and hailing from metal city Milwaukee ‘Catharsis’ is their third album. Musical references are met in bands such as Fates Warning, Queensr_che and Savatage and for three-piece that really is appreciable. The band moves around in the right surroundings, acting as support for great bands like and they hope to create a larger field of interest. Bass palyer and singer Chad Novell has a good voice and has that nice raunchy bass sound. Drummer Brad Klotz and guitarist Sean Gill are backing up Novell with their voices and so it seems as if a fourth band member is created almost. ’Catharsis’ is not a smasher of an album yet interesting enough for a check at their website.

Rating: 79/100