When the United States send their troops abroad, it’s always to have them come back as winners. To achieve this, they train their soldiers to be the strongest of course. In the music business, without wanting to throw some gratuitous flowers to our American friends, similar things happen... though no war whatsoever is going on! Strange Land is one of these “invaders” that have everything going for them. The three musicians who recorded this “Anomaly” (since then, the drummer, Brad, has been replaced by Pete Schwartzenbacher) indeed did everything to get noticed. A nice package, a devastatingly neat sound, top level Prog Metal with a highly developed sense for modern melody and, of course, feeling you can spot from miles away. At times, Strange Land make me think of Threshold because of their very British “phlegm”. The entire thing also holds some qualities of more traditional Heavy (you can spot some Iron Maiden-like parts if you pay attention). Flawless singing, complexity that doesn’t overthrow musicality... what else could one possibly desire? review: RNO 85/100