STRANGE LAND are a progressive metal band from Milwaukee. The band was founded in late 1998.
"Anomaly" contains several types of progressive metal in several types of heaviness. Sometimes the band uses soft and sophisticated tunes which sound very good and very comfortable. But there are parts that sound too dry and too uninspired in terms of hookin' melodies. The music is (nearly) moving all the time, which makes it very hard to spot hookin' melodies or catchy elements. Every songs has it's strong parts or riffs, for example the opener All things considered or Unstuck (great acoustic parts). The sound of this band is difficult to describe as it is very varied, the bands that came into my mind were SIEGES EVEN, SYMMETRY, MOONDAZE and LIVING COLOUR combined with a bit of groove rock. Overall the music is sophisticated, but it fails to touch my soul often enough especially during the first half. During the second half there are great bits to find, i.e. the intro of Fatal flaw, the soft and somehow straight Flight, the piano-drained ballad Scorpio and the great'n'sensitive Injustice rising which grows to a bombast progrock/progmetal epic. 4 Points - average (not suitable for all)