It's unbelievable how many bands are active within the broad spectrum of heavy metal. Recently, we discovered the progressive metal group Strange Land. “Catharsis” is the third album by this talented trio from Wisconsin. Fans of “heavy prog power” have come to the right place here. The band members play their instruments masterfully, and the lyrics by singer/bassist/keyboardist Chad Novell are definitely cool. After the intro, the band launches strongly ahead with “The Men Who Spent Tomorrow,” which is hands down my favorite. What a fantastic song with a catchy refrain. But the trio also shows its prowess in the other songs. “Catharsis" is a musically adventurous trip brimming with progressive delights, and especially in the vocal harmonies, the band really knows how to impress. Perhaps the high point of this CD for most listeners will be the almost 25 minute long title number (divided here into seven tracks). With its thirteen tracks, this little disc gives you a good fifty minutes of enjoyment. Naturally, not everyone will be enchanted by the many tempo changes, but still, for once, progmetal musicians proudly show off their abilities. Well, go ahead and listen to seven songs on their MySpace page. After that, you can decide for yourself if this album is worth buying. They definitely convinced me!

88 Nico

(Kindly translated by Katherine Ebel)