Straight out the world of Progressive Rock / Metal music comes a Wisconsin based trio named Strange Land. Their first official effort was a twelve song, independent album, entitled "Anomaly". I've only heard a full song and a few samples on their website and you can do that too by clicking HERE.

I was convinced right away about the band's way of playing. To me, very well sounding Progressive Metal played with a lot of talent within their ranks. The only missing link was to sign a decent record deal, something they deserved. US Record label Nightmare Records, specialized in Progressive Metal, etc was interested in working along with Strange Land and offered them a long awaited record deal. The band can be proud and greatful working together with the guys from Nightmare Records.

So, they went to the studio with the eye of making new refreshing songs in the best possible conditions. All the studio works were done and the album entitled "Blaming Season" was ready to unleash in hope to conquering the hearts of all those who like the Progressive Metal scene. The album results in a more than 50 minutes of amuzing, very technical and melodical form of Rock / Metal music. Varieties all over the entire album, just the way it should be. Strange Land is influenced by bands like Vandenplas, Psychitic Waltz, Enchant, Fates Warning,...

Chad Novell has a real good and clear voice and besides that, he can handle a bess guitar in a very technical way. Backing vocals and awesome guitar duties are signed by a guy named Sean Gill. Just take your time and listen with all of your heart what kinda excellent tricks he pull out of his axe. Just amazing and how technical some guys can play. Also very inmportant and unmissing pawn in a band is a good drummer. You want some, you got some by the name of Esteban Gonsalez. Has its own style of hitting the skins and his way of pounding the drums sounds more than just good to me.

What more can i say...this is a great progressive album including a lot of magnificent movements. It's not pure powerplay but if you're looking for a band that's able to play in a very decent and technical way, Strange Land is the one you're looking for! You can reach the band by clicking HERE or their record company right HERE MY POINTS: 87 / 100