Pleasant news. This is the first release from a group made up of former members of "Labyrinth" and "Fishboy", and this opus is rather promising. For a self production, the sound is excellent and the cover art and package are well done. As regards the style, doubtlessly 2 references come to mind : King's X for the vocal lines and the guitarist's work (Foundation) and Rush in the 70's (Unstuck) for the more progressive digressions. The musicians are very good, the bass guitarist has a nice voice and dabbles well enough with the keyboards and their compositions are fairly well put together, with seriousness and cohesion. All assets are obvious in the last 3 long numbers of the album. Particularly, "Injustice rising" and its more immoderate use of the keyboards ( piano and synthetizer) in a very convincing long crescendo, which gives an idea of their potential. S.L. didn't leave me indifferent (yet didn't move me deeply) but they now have to be more convincing. Time will tell if they can catch up with the leaders. Promising.

Prog-résiste Number 28 - 2nd quarter 2002