Reviewed by: Igor Italiani of Metal-Force, March 2002

Born in 1998, Strange Land are a three piece who certainly like to make a lot of noise with their cerebral progressive rock/metal ... well, I said noise? Yes, but I meant it in a good way, as the Wisconsin-based band pays a lot of attention also to melody, not only to the complexity of guitar riffs. In fact, their approach reminds me of the mighty Fates Warning in some way, even if it's too early to compare the two American bands, in my opinion. The main thing is that Strange Land show a lot of ideas in this debut album, but have yet to capture the perfect symmetry that a top-notch band like Fates Warning has easily displayed in their latest masterpieces. You know, the best things that I like about Anomaly are the sweet melodies that Strange Land exhibit with such ease on songs like "All Things Considered" or "Foundation" (a great Enchant/Fates Warning mix!), and the harmonies that are supported by the fine voice of Chad Novell. But other aspects of the record leave me with a sour note. For example, I've found the heavy rhythms of some songs just too common-place and weak-produced to stand the test of time against such high-standard works like the new albums of Vanden Plas or Pain Of Salvation (even if we are talking about a different type of prog metal here). But I don't want to sound too critical, because I know this is only the start for Strange Land, and it is, furthermore, hard to create the wall of sound they unleash anyway when you are a mere three-piece band. So I expect the boys to polish up the rough spots located here and there and deliver an even more solid CD next time.