OK well, we were invited to the Rock Shop on Saturday August 16th to hang out with our buddies in Spiral Trance (love ya guys!!) and got to see a band called Strange Land open for them. At first I wasnít sure about this band. They are quite different from the average local band. After a couple songs I was drawn in. They are an extremely talented power trio. In fact I was sitting in a sort of trance for a bit of it. I realized, after coming too, that they are very Dreamtheater like. There were other bands that also popped into my mind, Rush and Yes. All four of these bands are outstanding, their technical difficulty is amazing. They all also have a lead singer that has an impeccable voice!!! WOW! I was amazed Chad Novell sang beautifully and played that monster of a six string bass just as well!! The guitarist, Sean T. Gill, is one of those musicians who speaks thru his playing. Every note perfectly thought out and orchestrated as if he were telling the audience a story. Behind him the drummer, Pete Schwarzenbacher, was making sure the whole show had a rock solid foundation to take off from. They were outstanding. I hope that in future shows they can take their style up to a level to match the talent that streams out of these three gentlemen.

This is a great show to see for the talent alone. It is the most hard driving, technically perfect Iíve heard!! Check Strange Land out at Who knows maybe Iíll run into you at one of the shows!! Thanks to Chad for being nice enough to talk for a minute and for the stickers!! I really enjoyed the show, keep up the uniqueness that is Strange Land!!

Until next time, as always, Camille