When you think of Metal, only one town comes to mind, the legendary Franklin Wisconsin! . Well, maybe not, but if all goes according to plan, Strange Land will change that. Progressive Metal is the name of the game for this 3 piece, you can hear influences from all your favourite prog bands (Fates Warning, Dream Theater, etc.) but there are other elements that sneak into the mix, for example, if you listen closely, you'll hear that the guitar often has a Maiden-esque quality to it. Strange Land was born in 1998, with former members of "Labyrinth", "Fishboy", and (I kid you not) "Binky Tunny And The Farmland Chokehold". So, the question is, should you care about Strange Land? The answer is yes. If you're a prog fan, or, if you were ever a prog fan, you're probably aware of the how stagnant the scene has become, with CDs that all sound the same, and the decline of heroes of the genera such as Queensryche, and Dream Theater to the point of embarrassment. This disc is a sleeper, with each listen adding to your appreciation of the 12 tracks that make up this satisfying platter. Standouts include "Nothinghead", and "Not For This World". Anomaly alone won't save the genera, but it's a start. If you need more info, or a prog fix, go to their web page.